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Tips to saving moolah - #004

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Save on toiletries by capitalizing on repackaging
Recently I’ve been able to pick up a number of good deals for toiletries by using the manufacturer’s marketing plan to my benefit. My family uses Dove and Head ‘n’ Shoulders regularly and recently both brands underwent a makeover in terms of packaging. Because supermarkets need to get rid of old stock before they can start selling the new stock, they tend to sell the old stock significantly underpriced (and the new packaging normally comes with a price increase). When that happened, I quickly snapped up an addition bottle of each product for my stock even though I wouldn’t run out of it for some time.

Savings? Approximately RM8.00 for the Dove bodywash and RM1.00 for the Head ‘n’ Shoulders shampoo.

I used to think that I could not possibly find a single sen more from where I was already spending it. I was wrong. Heh. All I needed to do was look at it from a different angle. (Now as always, I’m not the type to go and give you advice that I myself have not done before.)