All Currencies Accepted

In search of the art of making more money


About the author
This site is written and maintained on a free-time basis by Rinnah Lee. She is neither an expert in terms of making moolah nor is she a professional rainmaker. Her experience in making moolah online is strictly limited to this site and her previous Blogspot site, and she is learning all the time, just the same as you. In that spirit, reader discretion is advised as results may vary.

About the site
Dollars. Cents. Pounds. Pennies. Euros. Yen. Roubles. Pesos. Dinars. Rupiah. Ringgits. Sens. All these words refer to various types of currencies around the world. Simply put in the English language, it’s money, or as it will be more popularly known on this site - moolah.

This site was started for one purpose and one purpose only. To make more moolah. In whatever form that moolah can be found in, hence the blog’s title - All Currencies Accepted. Maybe the subdomain should have been named money, but in the end biz was chosen because it has a wider meaning. And the tagline accurately reflects the author’s thoughts - In Search Of The Art Of Making Moolah.

Each post on this site is about what the author does in her quest for more moolah and it is hoped that you, the reader, find it informative, entertaining and helpful to you at the same time.

Here’s to all of us making all the moolah we’ll ever need!